Robert Winsor Institute

An Institution where Children can Grow and Acquire Life Skills

A Platform for Expression

The Robert Winsor Institute has been providing coaching sessions for children, giving them a platform for expression and a great sense of poise, focus, and self-confidence.


The Robert Winsor Institute is well known nationally. The Robert Winsor Institute graduates are capable to express feelings of elation for any product, while having fun doing it.


While a lot of classes are boring and kids have a tendency towards attending without a real interest in the craft, the Robert Winsor Institute allow for the kids to tap into the very essence of who they are, and gives the children a great purpose towards learning and embracing characters’ journey as well as expressing their love for the great products which they get to advertise. Energized expression is the key for the Robert Winsor Institute graduates’ success.


Children love all the activities within the coaching sessions, and have a great way of creating multi-dimensional characters. There is very little chance as per known statistics within our Institute that the children would not book a huge number of the auditions which they attend. 


The results are incredible. With two children recently on General Hospital and Nickelodeon respectively, The Robert Winsor Institute welcomes the next step for these two talented children. The entire process of expression and delivery takes place at the the Institute and then grows to become actual bookings in the television and film industry. The graduate of the Robert Winsor Institute are the most successful actors in the business. Auditions to join our educational environment take place almost daily.


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