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Does Your Child Have What It Takes To Be An Actor?
11.11.2016 13:07

Maybe your son or daughter displays some talent as an actor. The local school play, gave her chance to shine. Some kids love acting, we are drawn to be someone else, and very often we can have much fun acting out the fantasy. Let's face it fantasies can be fun.
The job of the actor has no dependence of age or stage, but only to the degree of intensity to which it is carried out. Actors are born, and the job requires a skill set that can be identified and be developed with proper coaching. Some personal traits are required for success as an actor, whose job can include creating magical moments that seem realistic.
Robert Winsor a British born American citizen, a Thespian and Producer says that a good actor or actress must be able to concentrate. Playing the part of someone else can be crucial. In many instances, it takes time and effort to get into character. Minor distractions can often lead to a loss of focus and the character may no longer seem real or believable.

Actors are learners: Acting can be a difficult to the unprepared. What may seem as simple and effortless may have been developed with years of practice. Actors must be good listeners, because they must interact with others. It is absolutely essential that they communicate and react to the actions of other people.


They should also be excellent communicators. Communication can be spoken or with actions, but is imperative that actors be effective communicators.

Actors must be disciplined. Despite the stories that may abound about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, successful must have the ability to be disciplined. There are routines that must be followed effectively, throughout production periods and any deviation can dramatically change the outcome. Actors are required to remain in character both, physically and emotionally, and this requires a lot of discipline.


Actors must be able to express emotion freely and impulsively, using both the body and the voice. One of the jobs assumed by the actor is to create unforgettable moments and a vivid imagination is often necessary. Actors are also good story tellers through expression and should be able to emote whenever necessary. This implies a lack of self-consciousness, but it can be seen as more as a lacking the display of self conscious behaviour, as some actors can also be very private persons.


Actors must be imaginative. The imaginary people we develop as kids can ad a lot to careers. Dreams have been known to come true and hard work is required to develop and connect to your imagination. Imagination is fuel that drives the actions.


Finally, the ability to express requires that great actors have a flexible and expressive voice, connecting a highly developed imagination to a flexible and supportive body. All of these characteristics can be developed to some degree with proper training, but the innate ability should pre-exist.

The Robert Winsor Institute has been providing coaching sessions for children, giving them a platform for expression and a great sense of poise, focus, and self-confidence.


The graduate of the Robert Winsor Institute are the most successful actors in the business. Auditions to join our educational environment take place almost daily.
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