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Need Speech and Drama Skills For Impact?
05.12.2016 10:39

Speaking skills are the bones to all business professionals who plan on moving ahead with their jobs and careers. Yet, the other key skill that will give any professional the fine distinction from everyone else is having drama skills. So, what is it that drama training encompasses that can transfer the serious stereotypical image of the die-hard business person into a dynamic person? For the manager, supervisor, or budget-conscious personality type there are three critical skills that make a marriage between business and drama:


1 Discovering your Voice

Techniques to improve your speech and diction such as breathing and resonance will make a difference to the overall power of your voice. You may be using only 20% of the potential power that your voice could impact on your listeners. Part of finding your voice is showing you how to relax your body and your voice together. Communication utilizing your skill to project to few or many is a drama essential skill.


2 Developing Improvisation

Drama trainers take you through exercises and situations in which you need to respond immediately without preparation. The ability to improvise is a life skill that improves with practice. The results allow you to answer questions spontaneously, improve teamwork and corporate presentation presence. You tap into the inner resources of your acting skills to fit the business challenge.


3 Rehearsing Diverse Content

From poetry, prose, plays there is a wide range of material that a Drama Coach will have you practice with to improve your skills in getting to the heart of the matter. You will not only learn how to focus and immerse yourself into the presence of your characters or situations; but to convey the words into believable images by using your voice and body language to the audience. Acting skills enhance your message to give your presentations that extra dimension.

By stepping it up and out-of-the-box your career moves along with the meaningful expression that you now have the skill to convey. Your mentor to success will not only challenge and feed your creativity but will give you life skills to keep in your toolbox forever.


The Robert Winsor Institute is an institution located in Irvine, which specializes in developing acting and personal improvement skills in children. Visit Robert Winsor Institute to know how the Institute can help your kids
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