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Robert Winsor Institute Will Get Your Career Stated the Right Way
20.12.2016 13:06

The entertainment business can be a blast, but many people don't realize how much work it entails. Whether you want to be an actor on the big screen or a director or producer behind the scenes, you will have to claw and fight to get into the loop. Once you do, you can count on countless 12 hours, so it better be something you love doing. Still interested? Okay, let's move on.


Do don't have to be an actor to be in the business. There are 1000's of different jobs that need to be done in order to get a film made. Cameramen, gaffers, directors, producers, location scouts....the list is endless. They may not be as sexy as being the next Tom Cruise, but they are good, rewarding jobs in a very exciting field.


But still, I want to be an actor -- You want to be an actor, start acting. As soon as you can the more you do something and the longer you do it, the better you will become and the more likely you are to be good at it and possibly get recognized for it. You will eventually need a resume and an agent, but most importantly start acting.


Film Schools need actors for their Projects -- Going to college and getting a drama or theater degree is a great way to not only meet people who are choosing the same career path, but to learn the craft of acting from professionals. You will be forced to learn different aspects of the business which will make you much better rounded.


Acting Schools -- Many people don't get a degree, they take one of the many independent acting classes that are available. Most major cities have at least one place you can take classes, with larger, show biz related cities having 100's.


Method or Strasberg...what should I do? -- Most acting techniques are variations of the Stanislavski system. They have just been slightly altered by different people over the years. They are all good, so check them out see which one you are most comfortable with.


Film School -- You don't want to be in front of the camera and hunted down by TMZ the rest of your life? Well, maybe being behind the camera is for you. Film school is a great way to fully emerge you in every aspect of the film making process.


Acting Agents -- Agents are a must to keep your acting career going. There is no way around it if you are going to be an actor. But, hey, maybe you want to be an agent? Go for it! It can be a very rewarding job if you do it right.

Be a Writer -- Many actors have found out they are better writing than acting on screen. Give it a try. You may just find out the same thing.


It can be a long, tough road. Don't let that discourage you if think it is something you really love. You will have to pay your dues, so don't expect o be received with open arms. There are 1000's trying to do the same thing.


The Robert Winsor Institute was created by Robert Winsor, a thespian and producer who has done extensive work for the British television, is a co-owner of the performing arts school, located in Irvine.

The Robert Winsor Institute and its different platforms, has been around for many years. Young actors get to learn not only how to successfully book work in film, print TV and commercials, but they also become extremely assertive
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