Robert Winsor Institute

An Institution where Children can Grow and Acquire Life Skills

The Robert Winsor Institute – A Premiere Acting Institute
29.10.2016 15:41

The Robert Winsor Institute is the premiere acting institute in Orange County, CA.
Owned by Robert Winsor, a Shakespearian trained thespian from London and a record and film TV producer, the Institute has been in business for 16 years.


Students learn how to act of course, laugh and cry on command and become other characters and make you feel like running to the store and buying the products Robert Winsor Institute graduates advertise. 

With series regular children currently on shows such as Modern Family, General Hospital, Nickelodeon, Cristela, as well as Fresh Off the Boat, the Robert Winsor Institute also work on major commercials, such as ALL car commercials, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Subaru, Chevy etc… 


The Robert Winsor Institute children obtain major work in the film TV and commercial industry, which allows for them to manifest their acquired skills through expression. However,this industry requires talent who can naturally express themselves. Hence the Robert Winsor Institute puts the children through an evaluation process, which allows for the faculty members at the Institute to identify whether the child qualifies for the top agents who come in on weekly basis to audition the Robert Winsor Institute. 


Although, not every child gets accepted, to evaluation process allows for the children to get valuable life skills, through the exercise which one of the owners does after the initial presentation. 


The Robert Winsor Institute children become assertive, focused and enjoy an extremely empowering process as they begin their journey. Even if the evaluation deems them non-qualifying, the very powerful skills they obtain, stays with them for the rest of their life. You can contact the Robert Winsor Institute, at 949-679-3406.


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